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Meet The Founder/CEO


John Baity


My name is John Baity. I am a Pastry Chef orignially from Lakeland, FL. After high school, I moved to Miami were I attended college and graduated from both Johnson & Wales University and Florida International University. Not only did moving from my small town of Lakeland open my eyes to a whole new world, it began my longing love for Baking and Decorating. 


Within those five years of living in Miami, I had seen so many styles of baking and decorating and  worked at numerous restaurants, hotels, and bakeries that I was sure I could really do this for the rest of my life, but only if I was the one in calling the shots. After moving back home, I began to start up my own business and show my talents to those in my city. Somehow with all of the love and appreciation I was receiving, I still felt like I could be bigger. So I moved to Texas where everything is bigger. 


Although after moving to Texas wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, my skill set, resume, and clientele grew impeccably. After living in Texas for 2 years something was still missing, my business was at a stand still. So I decided that I needed to relocate and the only place that made sense was Atlanta, GA. 

Who knew a little bit of Black Power would go such a long way. Since having my business based in Atlanta, I have seen the upmost appreciation from all kinds of people, my business has grown financially, and the exposure that we have received is truly amazing. 


Now I plan to open a store front here in Atlanta soon where customers can come to not only buy desserts, but also learn how to make them and buy the supplies and tools to do so all in one store. With this store front we will be able to teach classes to the youth and hold camps throughout the summer to help keep our youth focused on life goals and accomplishments. My goal is to change the stigma of Black People as a whole by starting within my own community.


"Mostly everything we create is an original. Besides our few everyday cupcakes, everything we make is designed by the customer." - John Baity  

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